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Selling theme with ACF4

  • Hello,

    If I owe licence for Repeater Field and Flexible fields (within ACF4) am i allowed still to sell theme? Before it was ok with licence so I wish “law/rule” isn’t working here back to past.

    Piotr Ryczek

  • Hi @Elliot,

    I’m concerned about this point as well. I own licences for repeater and options page. I have a couple of themes under development using both addons following the guidelines.

    I know I’m embedding the plugin within my theme but what would happen if WordPress is updated in the near future and version 4 does not longer work?.

    I got a complimentary personal licence of ACF Pro which I’m thankful for but I cannot use that for my themes development and future compatibility of WordPress and ACF4 worries me a little bit. I’m was able to use my addons anywhere but with the introduction of the new system and my personal license I wouldn’t be able to do anymore if ACF4 fails at some point in the future.

    Thanks in advance for clarifying me this point.

  • Hi @Jaypee

    I will do my best efforts to maintain ACF4 compatibility with WordPress


  • Thank you Elliot.

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