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Self hosted videos in ACF

  • Hi! I’m trying to render self hosted videos in my posts. I went many different routes like url, the acf addon for audio/video
    (this works in the admin but can’t get it to render in frotend)
    obviously oEmbed is not an option since I’m hosting the videos in the same server.

    I use Oxygen builder and it only has YT/Vimeo url support. But I thought that using dynamic data with the custom field, should output the html player (Isaw it working on elementor but not in Oxygen).

    If anyone can guide me as to which direction should I go next I would really appreciate it!
    Also hopefully ACF start giving video galleries and player some more importance.


  • I don’t know anything about Oxygen builder and you’re not likely to find anyone on this forum that can answer your question.

    The best advice I can give here is that if the builder allows shortcodes then either add code to your site or use a plugin that allows you to add code to build a shortcode.

  • Thanks @hube2 ! I will investigate that option.

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