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Selector with forced styling?

  • Hello everyone, I’m creating an event ticket website for a client and they’ve asked if it’s possible to create a selector with the Event descriptions (which are typically multiple styled paragraphs) to save time. This would save them a couple minutes per event listing, but they do several hundred events across their multiple sites and this could save days of time per website per year.

    Ideally, the selector portion of ACF would be great, if I could figure out if it’s possible to do it with this. Thank you in advance

  • Late reply, but if you have not figured this out.

    I would create a custom post type where the “descriptions” of repeatable events can be saved. The use a post object field to allow the client to select the description to use. Editing the description would update it on all posts where it is used.

  • Sorry for MY late reply, but thank you, I haven’t implemented that yet (had to launch before that quality of life improvement could be made) but this was something I was thinking along the lines of as well.

    So if I’m understanding correctly, I would create a CPT and just populate it with the show descriptions, then use a Post Object field to display the CPT on the Events post type, they select which description they need, and it returns the value?

    Currently they are duplicating old shows and rarely adding new shows into the rotation. Their current workflow is working well, but they have additional events sites they want made and I’d like to optimize them as much as possible. Thanks again

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