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Selecting # of columns in Flexible Content -step back from demo video?

  • I think I saw a reply to this question from a very old thread, but it wasn’t 100% clear due to the question not being totally clear, so I’ll try to do better.

    In this video, the demo allows the user to specify columns using one simple select field while using a table layout (the options available being 1 or 2) rather than creating multiple flexible content fields for each column layout (a flexible content field for one column, another for two columns, another for three, etc.). This seems less flexible…

    Here is the video:

    Has the ability to dynamically select how many columns you want from a select field been removed? That seems like a step back, but I do understand the plugin evolves with each update.


  • I’m not sure I understand the question 🙂

    I think that the examples in that video are just meant to be simple to demonstrate how it work and not necessary what can be done with it.

    If I was going to build a layout for columns I would more than likely call it something like “columns” and have a radio button for selecting the number of columns to create.

    Or I might even have a repeater to allow creating whatever number of columns they wanted and maybe have settings in each column to allow the editor to choose the width of each column.

    The only time I would create a layout for a specific number of columns is if the layout needed special features that were not specific to content (wysiwyg fields) in columns.

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