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Selecting Fields in a Clone

  • I am trying to clone a field that has close to 13 other fields in it.

    I also have a great many field groups.

    The field I am trying to clone just happens to be called ‘Blogroll’. But I don’t want ALL the fields in it.

    Now I can start to type ‘Blogroll’ in the Clone>Fields input, but it only gives me the option for “All Fields”…

    I can scroll down to ‘Blogroll’ in the list, but this takes forever to do, and when I do, and select a field, it jumps back up to the top of the list.

    So, is there a way to select more than one at a time. OR type in Blogroll and let me select the fields from that set individually (not all).

    If not, this functionality is desperately needed, as I don’t need “All Fields…”, and sifting through all my fields is going to take a long time. That or the dropdown list needs to be made much larger and not bump you back to the top each time.

  • There isn’t any way I know of to change what you describe for selecting fields. I suggest you open a new support ticket and they will get it to the developer.

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