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Selected repeater field should open new form

  • Hi guys

    Im not so an exprienced coder. But Im an a learning curve. (she is still a little flat) 😉 . As my “Corono-Project” I startet to buld a sports league site with 12 Teams. I did find a Plugin that gives me some foundation but I still need to tweak it here an there.

    As in sports usually you may encounter to the situation, that some players get suspennded, other are sick, injured, loand or are not in the playing rooster.

    That said, I have on each players page the ACF repeater Field status that will show if the player was on the team (active) or has one of the above mentioned status.

    Now if the game starts, I would like to be able, that I can select one of the six status. Each of this statust uses a own from, that should be then got selected to fill it out in the appropreate form.

    I would like to do it with the if, elseif loop.

    Those should look something like that:

    If injured open form injured;

    elseif suspended open form suspended
    elseif sick open Form sick
    elseif loan open form loan
    elseif pressbox open form pressbox

    else activ open form stats

    The Player can not have any other status, so the last one is the activ on the playing rooster field-

    After I have submited the players status it should be saved with the player and then finaly got displayed on the player page.

    I did think to use this with the repeater field an then the value would be submited to the form to open it.

    BUT The repeater field does not store the value at all and I`m not sure if the “if elseif” construct would be the right choice?

    Any thought if it would/should work?



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