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Selected Checkbox items into array

  • I’m trying to generate a list of dates between a start date and and end date, and there is a checkbox with Monday to Friday as it’s choices.

    I want to put the choices into an array which then filters out what days there are between the 2 dates (eg. Oct 1 start, Oct 31st end, checkbox only selected mondays). I can’t seem to get the checkbox to dump it’s values into an array. Here’s what I’ve written so far:

    $start_date_input = strtotime(get_field('start_date'));
     $end_date_input = strtotime(get_field('end_date'));
     $choices = get_field('choices');
     //while start date is less/equal to end date:
    					while ($start_date_input <= $end_date_input) {
    						//if the selected days are in the array:
    						if (in_array(date('l', $start_date_input), $choices)) {
    							//display it like 'day Month Date, Year'
    							$dates[] = date('l F j, Y', $start_date_input);
    						$start_date_input = strtotime('+1 day', $start_date_input);

    the choices variable is where the checkbox should dump all the days.

  • solved.

    The issue was that the checkbox values were in lowercase (monday), when the argument against it was for uppercase. Once I changed the values the dropbox would show the dates.

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