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  • Good morning all,

    I am in need of direction. I am attempting to replicate a select field responsive taxonomy from:

    My site is
    We both sell the same service just on opposite sides of the country. I need to set up very specific select fields that will automatically create the next field for selection and add the price of the selection to the total price that generates the work order.

    Basically, I need the customer to select how many colors (1 / 2 / 3) and the appropriate number of selections box’s appears for them to select the colors available. I also want them to be hidden until they make their selection; ie:

    Select parts to be Cerakote ( 3 choices)

    Then how many colors (3 choices) (they pick one, one box appears next to select color, they pick three, three show up, etc)

    Then the next box shows up and so on.

    I was told I could do it in ACF but can’t seem to find a guide on this. Seems to be select fields cupped with taxonomy. Any ideas?

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