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Select multiple dates in date field ?

  • I know it has been asked before, and promised to be implemented but sadly it’s still missing (in my version at least).

    We run a concert review site, so sometimes we do festivals which last multiple days.
    When we write a review we would like to be able to select a number of (consequetive) dates, which can then be displayed as “5,6,7 August”, or “5 – 7 August” when those three dates are then selected.

    Would this be possible to implement please ?

    kind regards


  • This is not something that the current version of ACF can do. A date field has one value. To accomplish this you need to supply 2 fields, one for start date and one for end date and then work out how these are shown on the front end.

    I have had to do this multiple times, unfortunately I don’t have specific and recent code. The last time I had to deal with many variables and display the dates based on it.
    1) Same start and end date with different times
    2) start and end dates in the same month
    3) start and end dates in different months
    4) start and end dates in different years

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