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Select from available taxonomies

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    Is there a field configuration which would allow the user to select which available taxonomies (rather than the terms in those taxonomies) are relevant to a post?

    E.g. if I had a site which catalogued cars, motorbikes and bicycles and taxonomies of terms for ‘motor vehicles’ and ‘vehicles with two wheels’, how could I set up a post for a Honda Accord and specify that the only relevant taxonomy is ‘motor vehicles’.

    For clarity, there is no parent > child relationship between the taxonomies and the cars / motorbikes / bicycles are of the same post type.

    Running ACF Pro



  • For anyone else interested, add_filter seems to provide a solution:

    function populate_dependant_taxonomies($field)
        $field['choices'] = $taxonomy_keys_array
        return $field;
      add_filter('acf/load_field/name=dependant_taxonomies', 'populate_dependant_taxonomies');
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