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Select fields not functioning properly

  • I’m running into a strange problem with any fields that require a select box, in that they just aren’t displaying properly:
    Also occurs when I’m setting up a new field group (eg. the ‘filter by post type’ selection)

    I’ve no idea what’s going on, so any guidance to get this fixed is appreciated.

  • Is that a select field? Or is it one of the select2 fields like post object or relationship field? What version of ACF are you using? Browser?

  • Ah right, it’s a select2 field being used to select a page link. Also happened when I tried to allow taxonomy selection via a dropdown.

    I’m using ACF Pro 5.4.8 and this happens in Chrome and Firefox (both up to date)

  • What other plugins are you useing? Are you using Types? If you are

    If not, start deactivating plugins because something is causing a conflict. Look to see what JS errors are being reported, might help you narrow it down.

  • Well that’s frustrating – definitely due to a conflict with Types, but that fix doesn’t work and there are no errors showing. I’m just going to do without Types as it wasn’t essential in the build anyway. Thanks for you help and pointing that out, I didn’t realise there was a compatibility issue.

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