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Select field value condition for another select field

  • Please help me out as fast as possible, because tomorrow it is the deadline of a project I have at my job and I cannot finish it because I cannot find out the index of a selected value of a Select field.

    Seel pic 1.png

    In need the Select floor selected index so I can make a conditional statement in order to get in the Select room field only the rooms from that selected floor. But how to get it ?

    Currently, I get all the rooms from all the floors since the data comes from a Nested Repeater like in this picture below:

    See pic 2.png

    The get_row_index needs to assign to a dynamic value that is the selected option from the Select Floor field.

    Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance

  • I added a more comprehensive description here:
    with pictures and code, please help 🙂

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