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Select a Post to Display on Pages Via Dropdown in CMS?

  • I’m sure something like this has been done before, but I cannot find the right search terms to find it.

    Right above my footer on pages, I want to output a single post’s content from a given category, but in the CMS (wp-admin), I want the user to have a dropdown to select on a per-page basis which piece of content from the category is displayed on a given page. Is this possible via Advanced Custom Fields or otherwise?

  • Not sure I understand. You want to choose a category? another post? or a specific field from some other place like a category or post?

  • Yeah, I wanted a dropdown list of posts from a given post category. I was able to accomplish it by using the Field Type Post Object.

    I had it set to filter by post type (Post) and then filter by Taxonomy (Specific Category)

    Then I created a set of custom fields for that specific category for other information I wanted to display/output.

    All set. Thanks for attempting to assist.

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