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Searchable Post Object field?

  • I’m using a repeater to get a list of posts. However the posts aren’t searchable. Is it possible to make it searchable? I tried the Search Everything and Relivanssi plugins but they don’t seem to work for this. Any ideas?

  • What to you mean by searchable?

    I’m guessing but if you mean that you want to search the contents of the post object like they are part of the post you’re adding them to in the repeater field, then this is not possible. The only thing that ACF stores is the post ID of the selected post. All other data is related to that post. Searching in WP is limited to the content and meta fields of the post and there are no applications that I know of that will let you search.

    It’s like this

  • sorry, posted prematurely.

    It’s like this

    POST A
    -- Content for Post A (is searched)
    -- Meta data for post A (is searched)
    ----- Post object field points to POST B
    ------- Content for Post B (cannot be searched)
    ------- Meta data for Post B (cannot be searched)

    In order to do what you want you need to not only have a pointer to post B but you need to import all of the content from Post B into Post A, basically duplicating all of Posts B’s data.

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