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Search & Return Repeater Field Rows

  • I’m working on a site where we want to search for values in repeater fields and return any repeater field rows that have that value. I’m wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to do this using a modified or completely custom query.

    Say for example we had a repeater field called ‘Movies’ with the sub-fields ‘Title’ and ‘Director’.

    The values in a few rows of that field might look like:

    The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola
    Star Wars, George Lucas

    If someone searches for the term ‘godfather’ we would want it to display that repeater row as a result:

    The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola

    Obviously the post would have other repeater rows and we would just want to display that specific row.

    There will be quite a bit of data and possibly quite a lot of results for any given search. We would want to do this as efficiently as possible (performance-wise) and in a way that we could paginate the results. Using a repeater field for this may not be the best idea to begin with but I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on this.

  • I should mention we would be searching all ‘Movie’ repeater fields across all posts.

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