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Search Form for Custom Post Types

  • So for example, my site has many custom post types.

    • Events
    • Venues
    • Festivals
    • Line Ups

    Let’s take events. This has ACF fields of:

    • Start Date (Date)
    • End Date (Date)
    • Venue (Relationship)
    • Location (Relationship)
    • Checklist (Checkbox)
    • Tickets (Repeater)

    I’ve yet to find an easy (any!) way to have a form on the events archive page that can search this data. By this I don’t mean a single search box that searches all these fields. What I mean is:

    • Search box for title of event
    • Two search boxes to find events between two dates
    • Text field for a location
    • Checkboxes for my checklist
    • Etc

    Has this been accomplished already and I just haven’t seen it?

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