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Seamlessly clone a group field but allow changing its name and having unique key

  • Let’s say I have a field group called “Call To Action” with the name “cta”. This group contains a Text field, a URL field, and a checkbox called “Open in new window”.

    I also have a Home Page field group that needs this “Call To Action” group cloned into the Hero tab, the Content Teaser tab, and the Promo tab. If I choose “Seamless” as the cloning method, I will have 3 field groups labeled “Call To Action”, which is great. But these groups will all be named “cta” and have the exact same field key, which obviously will cause problems. If I choose “Group” as the cloning method, it will nest my “Call To Action” group into another group, which I do not want.

    Cloning could be a very useful feature for creating reusable groups (that act like modules), but this limitation of not being able to specify a custom name when using “Seamless” makes it very limited. If I want all of my “Call To Action” fields inside a group with a unique name and key, I need to use the “Group” cloning mode and select each individual field to clone into it. Later, if I decide to add another field into the master “Call To Action” group, I would need to go to every clone instance and add that field into it. That really takes away a major advantage of creating reusable elements (being able to edit all instances in a single place).

    If we could input a custom field name when using the “Seamless” cloning mode, that would make these fields so much more useful as a templating tool. Or maybe there’s a way to do this that I’m missing?

  • How I work around this is that rather than having a group field than I clone the field group I am cloning has the individual fields. Then I create a group field with the unique field name and key and clone the fields into the group field as the only sub field.

  • That’s a good idea! I wanted to keep all my “clonable” fields in their own field group, like “Library” or “Templates”, but I can just name them something like “Template > Call To Action” so at least they’re organized together. Thanks!

    Edit: I accidentally marked my own post as having solved the question instead of yours and can’t change it 🙂

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