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Unwanted scrolling when dragging

  • Hey! Whenever I drag things around like in a repeater or just when I create some fields and want to change their order by dragging, then the browser scrolls. This makes it very hard to drop something. Because the browser just scrolls without stopping. I only have the problem when the browser is scrolled down a bit when i start dragging.

    I’m using the latest version of Chrome (44.0).

    Actually this is a problem with jquery-ui I’m sure.

    Actually for every client’s WordPress site I’m creating I need to go and change acf’s code and set “scroll” to false in some .js files, because otherwise the dragging functionality is unusable.

    like here:

    				items:					'li',
    				forceHelperSize:		true,
    				forcePlaceholderSize:	true,
    				scroll:					true,
    				update:	function(){

    I need to set “scroll” to false ^^.
    Would be great if you can fix this, because it’s not really good practice for me to change code in your plugin.

  • I just tried this in the latest version of Chrome (i don’t usually use chrome), tried scrolling the window to various places before trying to drag and drop repeater fields, but I could not reproduce the behavior you are seeing.

    Could this be device specific? What kind of computer/device are you using when this happens?

  • Using a macbook pro.

  • Here’s an experiment for you. Do you have multiple meta boxes on your post edit screen. Foe example, go to screen options in the upper right and mark everything so that it’s visible. Do you get the same behavior when dragging the meta boxes around? What about menus? Do you see this behavior if you create a menu and then reorder the menu by dragging the menu items around?

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