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Screen Options Quirk

  • I understand during a recent upgrade that field groups assigned to a page or post must be selected in the screen option area to be visible from the edit page.

    I think it’s a good feature to potentially protect from unwanted edits. The issue I am having in this:

    I have no problem going in and selecting the proper screen options to make the fields visible in the editor.

    My issue is that those changes do not seem to stick. Meaning if I navigate away from the page or log out/log in and come back later, I have to go back to the screen option every time and re-select the field group.

    This extra step is quirky and laborious, and is frankly a time-drain. Does any one else see this as a bug and something that should potentially be fixed?

  • I am also experiencing this bug. I am using WP 4.1.1 and ACF 5.2.0.

  • Ok I’m having similar issues with the screen options. Here is a video I took which shows the issues in more detail. Every time I select a custom taxonomy, it hides and shows my main category. Again this issue only started when I updated to ACF 5.2.0: Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • I am having a similar issue with screen options becoming unchecked upon editing a page.

    I have a field group called ‘Page content’ that allows the user to add different types of column structures. When any user (including admin) edits the page, the field group is turned off by default. The user must click Screen Options and re-check the ‘Page Content’ checkbox to edit the ACF fields. Using ACF Version 5.1.9

  • Same. “Categories” from screen option keeps getting unchecked.

  • Same issue here in 5.2.0. Every time I edit a page the ACF groups are unchecked by default in Screen Options.

  • I see this is in the “solving” phase. Any ETA on when a fix will be pushed out?

  • I’m actually seeing something different now with 5.2.6. New field groups are visible immediately in the editor without needing to check them in screen options, however when I uncheck them and save the post they do not remain hidden.

    Honestly I like this better than what was reported above as the fields that I add for editors should always be visible, at least I think so.

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