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Saving values to another post on post save

  • I have the custom post type ‘machines’.

    Machines has two custom fields of the type post object: “company” and “seller”.

    On saving the machine post type, I want to update the company post (which has a ‘sellers’ repeater and a ‘machines’ repeater) with
    the ‘seller’ id selected for ‘machine’ and the ‘machine’ id itself.

    Also I want to update the ‘seller’ post’s ‘company’ custom field with the ‘company’ post type id that has been selected for the machine post type.

    I have written the following function to accomplish this:

    add_action('save_post_machines', 'associate_machine', 10, 3);
    function associate_machine($post_ID){
        //Add seller and machine to company page
            $company = get_field('field_60f1861f1b262', $post_ID); //company ID
            $seller = get_field('field_60f186361b263', $post_ID);  //seller ID
            $whichs = ['machine' , 'seller'];
            foreach($whichs as $which):
                $post_ID = $which == 'machine' ? $post_ID : $seller;
                $repeaterValues = [];
                    if(have_rows($which.'s', $company)): //Machines or sellers repeater
                        while(have_rows($which.'s',  $company)):
                        $repeaterValues[] = get_sub_field($which, $company);
                        add_row($which.'s', array($which => $post_ID), $company);
                    //if machine or seller ID is already inserted, simply stop here
                    if(in_array($post_ID, $repeaterValues)):
                    elseif(!in_array($post_ID, $repeaterValues) && !empty($repeaterValues)): // if not, add it
                        add_row($which.'s', array($which => $post_ID), $company);
            //Add company to seller:
            update_field('company', $company, $seller);

    But instead of having the seller id in the sellers repeater, I only get an empty row.

    Additionally, and this is strange: I was testing this on my staging site, and it was working. Then uploading the same code to live, it is not. (I made a compare of all theme files of live and staging and matched them up 100%, and still.

    I also checked if there were any plugins that were not updated on the staging site, still no change.

    So I have worked on this for a while and can’t seem to find what I am missing.

    Any insights would be appreciated.

  • The problem was that the custom field data of the machine post was probably not saved yet.

    using add_action('save_post_machines', 'associate_machine', 10, 3);


    add_action('acf/save_post', 'associate_machine', 11);

    instead of post save, resolved the problem.

    What I had trouble finding before is that the priority should apparently be > 10.

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