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Saving JSON in multiple places when changed

  • Hey guys,

    We’ve notice in the new version the following rollback of a change, specifically:

    Reverted Local JSON enhancement
    Another significant enhancement shipped in version 5.9 was a change to the Local JSON feature. This enhancement allowed ACF to update and delete JSON files included via the “load_json” setting even if they were outside of the “save_json” path setting. After listening to developer feedback, we have decided to revert this change, and will continue those discussions to develop a solution that better works for existing workflows.

    Our team was actually finding this feature really handy to save our edits on both our theme and plugin we’re using ACF for. Are there any hooks or some other technique we can implement to action this functionality for ourselves. At the moment it appears that NONE of our changes are affecting the JSON files directly and we’re needing to manually delete and rexport the files whenever we make any changes to them.

    Cheers in advance,

  • Just bumping this issue – to clarify, currently we’re having to sync the ACF settings so they can be edited, delete the file on local, make changes, rexport a new JSON file, rename and put where the old file was, push back to repo.

    With the last update we were able to just edit and save the file and it would automatically override the JSON file which we could just push straight to our repo.

    We have JSON files in two places ( some in our theme and some in a plugin which are universally shared settings for all our sites).

  • This was reverted because of negative feedback from other developers. I’m not sure of all the reasons. There was another topic here on the forum where the developer responded but I can’t seem to find it. If you want more information I’d suggest contacting the developer here

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