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saving fields bug after upgrate

  • Hello,
    after updating to ACF Pro I have a problem with saving fields.

    When I change a field or add a new, the fields posttype changed from ‘acf-field’ to ‘acf-field-group’.

    So after saving the structure in the field group list looks like this:
    – my field group
    — my changed field
    — some added field

    A tried everything, disabled all other plugins, but whatever I do I became the same result.

  • Ok, I solved the problem. I don’t disable all plugins for testing, only the ACF addons, but the problem was inside the ‘Post Type Switcher’ plugin.

  • Thank you – this was driving me nuts until I found this post & disabled Post Type Switcher!

  • Hi guys

    This issue will be fixed in the next version!

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