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Saving data from custom field type

  • Hi,

    I first want to thank you for an outstanding plugin you created. Hats off!!

    I created a new field type say “XYZ” using following link.

    I created a field group “My Field group”, there i have two fields one in “XYZ” (custom field type) and a select box.

    I was sucessful in showing the interface i wanted when user selects this field type. I worked out all the front end HTML.

    Now, when after user finish off filling data and hits “Update” or “Publish”, the data which he filled in the custom field of my custom field type “XYZ” is not getting saved.

    Neither the custom field type data or the select box data both are not saved.

    Please help me where should i edit the code to save data. Also how to retrieve the existing data.


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