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Saving custom taxonomy term for attachment

  • I created several custom taxonomies for attachments post-type. With ACFPRO I added fields to add/remove terms to an uploaded media file’s custom taxonomies..

    The media edit page does show the ACF fields. However when I save, the terms are not stored. The page reloads without saving anything.

    The ‘save terms’ toggle is in the on position in ACF edit page.

    Is there anything I can do to force the saving of terms to a custom taxonomy for media?

  • Have you enabled “load terms”?

    If that does not work then you will need to do your own coding. By default WP does not support taxonomies for media and it’s quite a bit more complicated than just adding an ACF taxonomy field.

  • Hi John. Thanks for helping out with this.
    Yes, ‘load terms’ is enabled.
    It seems this is an issue related to the media edit page only. If I’m on the library page, and do a bulk edit, I can assign terms to media files and they are saved.

  • Do standard WP metaboxes also appear on the page, something like this

  • Yes, they do show up. I get to see the sidebar with WP metaboxes, and the ACF fields at the bottom of the page.

    EDIT: I should clarify, i don’t see the category/tag metaboxes, but I see the boxes for the custom taxonomies.

  • You can’t have both a custom field and the standard metaboxes n the same edit screen. If you set the terms in those boxes and save you will find that the ACF fields will update to match those selections. To use ACF fields instead you must remove the standard WP metaboxes.

  • Thank you so much John. This solved my problems. I had to add an action to remove those metaboxes and now it all is working great! Thanks!!

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