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saving acf properties when WP runs auto save

  • This is something I’ve seem discussions on but have no definitive answer on.
    Can someone confirm if this is possible or not?

    I have a custom post type with a huge number of properties and its vital that users can safe as frequently as possible. Right now, as most of the fields are required, if they quit out of the initial posting before a successful completion of the majority of fields, even though an auto save lists the post all it contains is the standard wordpress title field upon editing it again.

    I thought maybe a plugin or something in my functions.php was causing this so I installed the latest WP fresh with ACF and found its standard behavior.

    Can someone please assist as im desperate to get this working.

  • Did some looking into this if you’re still looking for a solution or anyone else is. Well, there really isn’t a solution. autosave is a WP core feature and it does not get and send any custom fields during the save. This includes custom content in the standard WP custom field input.

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