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Save value from update_sub_field

  • Now am about to go crazy over this.

    How do i save values put in like this

    $field_rep = 'trackingNo';
    $field_sub = 'no';
    $field_key_rep = 'field_55f10e0fd8b5f';
    $field_key_sub = 'field_55f10e3dd8b60';
    foreach ($misc->PackageNo as $package) {
                $trackno = (string)$package->TrackingNo;
                update_post_meta("$order_id", $field_rep, $count);
                $sub = $count;
                update_sub_field(array($field_key_rep, $sub, $field_key_sub), $trackno, "$order_id");
                $count = $count + 1;

    The values are there but it’s not possible to retrieve and use them until the post/order (woocommerce) is updated by hand.

    So to keep it short, creating new rows and adding my information works fine but to use it before doing a update on it will not work.

  • Finally manage to solve it

    Putting the data there was more or less correct like

    update_post_meta( "$order_id", $field_rep, $row_no );
    update_sub_field(array($field_key_rep, $sub_no, $field_key_sub), $trackno, "$order_id");

    Think the main problem was when fetching the information and then doing it with the field names that would not work until the post was updated / saved. Using field_keys did on the other hand work.

    if (have_rows($field_key_rep, $postID)) {
    		$trackingNo = array();
    		// loop through the rows of data
    		while (have_rows($field_key_rep, $postID)):
    			// Add to array
    			$trackingNo[] = get_sub_field($field_key_sub);
  • I was just looking into something similar on another topic. Instead of update_sub_field() which only lets you update existing sub fields, use update_field() and pass it an array of values for the sub_fields. There is an example of adding sub fields under “Usage”

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