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Save error message on every page exit.

  • Hello,
    when saving any post (product, oxygenbuilder template …), and trying to leave the post an Error message pops up stating that the changes have not been saved, if I am sure to leave, but the changes will be saved.

    To solve this issue is to disable ACF PRO plugin, but this is not the best solution :DD.

    I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but we found that our database started to grow insanely. We have set a cron every day, which updates the products (date and prices). We suspect that by cron updating the product every day and jumping to the mentioned error, it is all stored in the database and error log. Database 30GB (table wp_actionscheduler_logs) and Error log debug.log in folder /wp-content almost 2TB – crazy right?

    Anyone has a similar issue or have any idea how to resolve it?
    Thank you.

  • This is a know issue and it is a bug in WP, this has been posted here several times now

  • Thank you John. I really appreciate it.

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