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Save data *related* to some ACF values

  • I have an ACF group, related to a CPT, let’s call them workouts.
    When a user opens a workout, I’d like them to be able to save information related to the information in the post.
    For example, if the post has a field called exercise one and it has a description like “Do 5-10 situps”, I’d like to show a field where the user can enter the number of sit-ups they’ve done.
    Additionally, I need them to be able to do it more than once. X situps on Wednesday, Y Situps on Friday.

    I thought I could use the acf_form() function, but I don’t think that does what I want.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • You could use a repeater for this.

  • I created a custom table in wordpress and saved the data there.

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