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same field on different forms?

  • Is this ever possible?

    Can I have User Form A which contains a field called, say, spoken_languages and then have exactly the same field on User Form B so that if the user updates on Form A it will be automatically updated on Form B and vice versa?

    As I see it at the moment when I create a new form I have to have a new field so that in the user metadata there will be an entry for the spoken_languages field on Form A and another for Form B, with different field_xxxxx values.


  • Hey man,

    As far as I know, you can do this with the “fields” paramenter on acf_form(), something like this:

    'fields' => array('key_01','key_02');
  • Thanks, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to want to add a field_group alongside a couple of extra fields from another form:

    $options = array(
    	'fields'	=> array( 'field_5d2870ee42a46', 'field_5d28712c42a47' ),
    	'field_groups' 	=> array( 926 ),

    It shows just the two ‘extra’ fields rather than the fields and the field group.

  • You can’t select both groups and fields. If you want specific fields then you need to include every field.

  • Fair enough; I’ll find a workaround for this.


    PS John, thanks for your User Role Field Setting plugin – very useful!!

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