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Same content on several pages

  • Hi guys,

    on my WordPress installation, every page has a header image (ACF Image Field) on several pages, the header image is the same. At the moment I add on these pages the same header image with the same title and content manually.

    Is it possible to define the fields in ACF once and define the content once, so on the required pages the content loads itself without changing anything. And if I need to change something, I can that at one place and it changes on every page.

    Is there a solution for this?


  • Hi @ocwaretech

    Yes, the solution is to use the Options Page add-on. This creates a static options page where you can add data such as header / footer data.

    You can then load this on multiple pages


  • Hi, is the solution still to use the Options Page add-on or is there a new solution today?

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