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Running recursive querys

  • I have a field group with family member details. It contains 2 relationship fields pointing at the same field group for the mother and father.

    Is it possible to run a recursive CTE query to list the decendants?

    Many thanks

  • Do you only have a relationship field that works in one direction, from children to parent?
    The first suggestion I would make is to make the relationship fields bidirectional. There are several solutions for this, do a google search for “acf bidirectional relationship”

  • Thanks John,

    Although it seems a good idea to change my configuration to a bidirectional relationship, that still doesn’t help with the idea of a recursive query. If I wanted to query a family tree showing a child, their parents, and the parents parents etc, I’d need some kind of recursive query.

    Otherwise, I suppose I’d just have to do multiple queries in a recursive code block.


  • Using an ACF relationship field to get children

    function recursive_children($parent_id) {
      children = get_field('relationship_field', $parent_id);
      if ($children) {
        foreach ($children as $child) {
          // do some stuff with child
          // recurse this child
          // do some other stuff with child
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