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rules only working for Admin not other custom levels

  • Hello, I just took over a project that is using ACF. There are rules set up for different levels of membership.

    Example: if Gold member or Admin show 3 image fields.

    Example: if Silver member or Admin show 1 image field.

    Both examples will show if I log in as Admin. Either will work if I log in as Gold or Silver member.

    If anyone can help or thinks they can help with more info that would be excellent.

  • Hi @peterbarone315

    From the way you have set up the location rules, this is the expected behavior since you have assigned the 3 image fields to the Gold member and field group with the single image to the Silver member.

    Let me know the kind of functionality that you are after.

  • thank you for the reply James. Let me clarify if I may.

    Silver members get 1 image
    Gold members get 3 images

    I attached images of both. Please let me know if your answer stands. Thank you for your time and effort.

    The functionality should be if a member signs in and has a Gold membership they can upload 3 images. If they sign in and have a silver membership they should be able to upload 1 image.

    The site admin should have the ability to remove images if needed that is where is second rule set comes in.

  • Hi @peterbarone315

    My answer still stands, but for the Listings Gold field group, you will need to assign a second rule set with an OR comparison and assign the field group and the post type to the Administrator.

    You will also need to ensure that you assign unique field names to the image fields on the different field groups since ACF makes use of the field name to load and save data to the database.

  • Ok so I removed all listings and started fresh. The fields show when I log in as Admin. The fields do not show when logged in as Gold.

    I have to be missing something. Again thanks for taking the time with me.

  • @peterbarone315

    Kindly open a support ticket at [email protected] in order for me to provide more personalised support on the issue.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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