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Rules and page template issue.

  • Hello, I have the following issue with ACF PRO.

    I have three pages templates, two of them share the same fields group and the third one has its own.

    For the first group, I have the following rules:

    Page template is equal to > Archive
    Page template is equal to > Full Width
    Page template is not equal to > Landing

    For the third page template I have:

    Page template is equal to > Landing

    With these rules, the fields for the first two pages templates are showing up when I have the Landing page template selected. I tried other combinations without success.

    Also, I have selected to hide the Content Editor field in the Landing page template but it’s still showing up…

    I appreciate any suggestion to solve this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You probably don’t need the 3rd rule on the first group, but this shouldn’t be causing the issue since it’s just a redundant location rule, really you only need to first 2 or the last one.

    Page template is not equal to > Landing

    I’ve done some testing and I’m not seeing any issues with location rules and page templates.

    As far as hiding the content editor, this will only be effected by the first field group loaded on the page. More than likely since you’re seeing the other field groups this is effecting that. You can set the menu order of the field groups to make sure that the one that controls the editor is first.

    I would start by deactivating other plugins on one site to see if there is some type of conflict. Look for JavaScript errors and possibly PHP errors during AJAX requests by turning on error logging and checking your error logs.

  • Thanks for your reply, will do some more tests tomorrow as today is a busy day for me, and will be back with any news.

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