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Rule for selected posts within a custom post type

  • I am trying to add a fieldgroup to selected posts and subposts within a custom post type in ACF PRO.

    In case of normal WordPress pages I could set an own page template but page templates do not exist for custom post types.

    I also can’t (ab)use a category or tag for this in the site in question.

    All these selected posts have one thing in common, a part of the postname (slug).

    Any ideas how I could create a rule with the above requirements?

    My suggestion for future versions of ACF PRO, add a rule for a postname pattern, either as regex or maybe more userfriendly like in CSS attributes [~=value], [^=value], [*=value], etc.

  • Talking to myself here, but for interested readers, found a solution now for this problem, via functions.php.

    For the following code a fieldgroup “Mygroup” is added to two custom post types “aaaa” and “bbbb” via ACF PRO.

    The javascript-code then hides that fieldgroup if not “xxxx” or “yyyy” appears in the slug of the posts of these post types.

    As WPML with 2 languages is used on the site, the code looks for the normal “acf-mygroup” and also “acf-mygroup-2” for the 2nd language, the fieldgroup has the same title in both languages.

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