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Row & Table Error.

  • Hi,
    I’m having problem with repeater field.
    It was all fine before but when i add new field my table style looks weird.
    please see screenshoot

    I have copied that website before for back-up
    it was look like below

    I think problem comes because that fiedl has selected as Table.
    I’m selecting as row and save but it doesn’t save.
    it keeps as Table.
    See below


    how can i fix that please?

  • Hi @fatih

    Thank you for the question. Please review the recent changes you have made to your website, it could be a theme change or a new plugin that is bringing about this CSS issue.

    Let me know your findings.

  • Hello James,
    I don’t think it’s about CSS issue. As i said when i save field layout as “Row” it doesn’t update. that is the problem.

  • Also i noticed that i can’t add more than 31 field in my field groups.
    i’m just trying to add simple test field. After clicking update. system won’t save anything. Also if i remove any existing field and then add new one it works!
    I also updated my wordpress and ACF to tha latest version right now but nothing happened.
    ACF : Version 4.4.2
    Wordpress : 4.2.2–en_GB

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