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"Roundtripping" – recreated fields in UI from PHP definition

  • It would be incredibly useful if we could have some sort of rountripping ability – ie the ability to display ACF fields in the UI that have been defined by the PHP export file.

    This would solve the problem of (for example) developers creating CFs from the UI in their local instances, exporting to PHP, and then nuking their local databases. Currently, if this happens, we essentially would have to recreate the fields in the ACF UI by looking through the definition code.

    I do understand this isn’t necessarily simple – for example, if you show fields in the UI that have been defined in PHP, then add / modify / delete fields in the UI, what has precedence? However, I think it would be incredibly useful.

  • Hi
    A great queston that i think many developers Face.

    i hope you pick this up now when you focus full time on acf. Maybee start out adding a best practice workflow with existing version (when using Git and local/online enviroments) and then brainstorm around improvments for next version.

  • Hi guys

    There is a github project which is working on read / write ACF data to files.

    I will also be working on a solution for ACF v5!


  • Thanks Elliot. Do you have a link to the github project?

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