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RGBA Field Won't Load in 5.3.3.x

  • Does anyone use the ACF RGBA Color Picker field?

    Starting with 5.3.3 it no longer loads the color picker and just displays a text box (it does still allow you to manually enter a color).

    While looking at the inspector it does display an error “Uncaught ReferenceError: Color is not defined” in input.js

    I posted a thread on the developer’s GitHub but no response as of yet. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue or has an idea on how to fix it.

  • Hi @pthpndr

    I think it’s probably due to the plugin using WordPress core color library and newer versions of WordPress no longer use that color library. Since a while back it’s using Iris

    Having a quick look at the sourcecode of the plugin he does not seem to make sure iris or any other color js library is loaded at all.

    So basically. Your issue is that there’s no color js library loaded with the plugin. To fix it you’d have to modify the plugin to include the library needed and probably rewrite the JS to work with that library instead.

  • Thanks. I completely forgot about this post. After receiving no reply from the plugin author I ended up dumping it and finding a replacement.

  • No problem!

    Glad you worked it out anyway and sorry for the delayed answer 🙂

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