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  • Hello,

    I created an EVENT custom post type, and use ACF for date fields.
    Do you think i can use revolution slider to display my post sorted by ACF date fields ?
    I need to display the next event to come from today date…

  • anyone knows revolution slider ??

  • revolution slider had this function : getPostsByCategory.
    with this query arg :
    $query = array(

    my post has a ACF date repeater field (thedates) and i need to sort with first date of each one .

    i tried to add this :
    ‘meta_key’ =>’thedates_0_thedate’,
    ‘orderby’ => ‘meta_value_num’,

    but how could i filter to not display past post ? only if post >= today date ?

    To display the date on slide i use the meta tag Revolution slider %meta:thedates_0_thedate% but the format is YYYYMMDD, i need to change it.

    And %meta:mycustomtaxonomy% return and display the ID but not the name…

    THANKS !!!

  • @pipoulito That is the format ACF stores dates. You should contact the developer of Revolution Slider to figure out how to use ACF fields with their plugin. I can tell you what’s ACF stores for a field but cannot help you use it in the other plugin.

    Date fields should be sorted either as numbers or text, but not as dates.

    @ryanacarty yes, Rev Slider is a commercial plugin that requires a license to update. Some themes package it and include it but not of them include a license for this plugin.

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