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Reverting \'Add New [Term]\' form layout under ACF Extended

  • I’m hitting some weirdness with ACF Extended.

    First, some of the pages were causing critical errors, but an upgrade to ACF Pro has solved that.

    So, the question is this…

    With ACF Extended active, the situation on a taxonomy index (edit-[taxonomy].php) is different… The full in-page form you normally get is demoted to a form that unveils itself when you click the “Add New [Term]” button.

    I can’t find a setting to override this and turn it back to the WordPress default (though it does ring a bell). Though deactivating ACF Extended does the trick, I may have some field groups that depend on it, I can’t remember.

    I don’t know if ACF Extended really has a single settings page of its own.

    Is this revertible to default, or is ACF Extended always going to do it this way?

  • For problems with ACF Extended you need to contact the developers of that plugin.

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