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Reverse Page Link Query

  • I have a post type of “website” and a post type of “on_site_checklist”.

    “on_site_checklist” has a page link custom field of “parent_website”.

    On the “website” post type how would I query every “on_site_checklist” that has the “website” post type selected?

    ie. “website” is called “on_site_checklist” has selected. Now show “on_site_checklist” on “website” post type.

    Thanks for the help.

  • OK Here’s what I have tried. The concept that I am going with is that the “Page Link” custom field type stores the URL in a string and we just need to query by that meta value. But, it’s not working.

    Any ideas?

    $currentURL = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    $args = array(
    	'numberposts'	=> -1,
    	'post_type'		=> 'on_site_optimization',
    	'meta_query'	=> array(
    		'relation'		=> 'AND',
    			'key'		=> 'website_parent',
    			'value'		=> $currentURL,
    			'compare'	=> 'LIKE'
    // query
    $the_query = new WP_Query( $args );
    <?php if( $the_query->have_posts() ): ?>
    	<?php while( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post(); ?>
    			<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">
    				<?php the_title(); ?>
    	<?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>
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