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Reuse/Clone fields suggestion

  • Firstly, wonderful plugin. I simply couldn’t live without it.

    Ive seen the request for the ability to clone/reuse fields across several layouts. For example, I have a flexible field allowing my client to choose the contents of a container. Each type of layout has unique fields, but also features that are the same across all the layouts. eg. Defining the margins for the container.

    Interface wise, you could add a new field type called ‘Clone’ ( for example ), which has a single parameter asking for any existing field group name. This group would then be inserted into the layout. So, in my case, I would create a ‘margins’ group which I would then inject into each layout using the new ‘clone’ type.

    Is this a feasible request?

  • Old question, but for anyone else that see this there are several options now and I listed some of them here

  • Just a heads up, Elliot added this as an official field in an update today (yesterday?).

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