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Reuse fields

  • I’m often in the situation when i use same tab fields in multiple field groups.

    I wonder if it’s possible to reuse some groups (something like „include group”) ?

  • Hi @Ionut Staicu,

    You could try creating a field group that contains all the common fields you need to reuse, then have it appear when the post is a certain taxonomy or category. As you can select multiple categories for a post, you could then “mix n match” which fields you wanted for each post.

    Let me know if this helps,


  • Yeah, but i was hoped to have an easy way to reuse these fields on multiple filed groups:

    Without using endless conditional logic 🙂

  • A better example:

    I want to add few options related to how pages looks in two ways: one global and one local. So you can have a default page background which can be overwritten per page.

    Things are working great, is just that i’d like to have it displayed as a sidebar widget on page or as a regular metabox on options page.

  • Hi @Ionut Staicu

    Putting your ‘common’ fields into 1 field group and then adding this field group to all the places you want IS the easiest way to do so.

    I can’t think of an easier way, but if you can, please let us know.

    You can also change the metabox position to appear on the side of the edit screen.


  • Thanks @elliot. The way you propose makes impossible the use of tabs. And my OCD (which has it’s own personality! 😀 ) insists to have everything organized (having N metaboxes is anything but organized)

    Anyhow, thanks for your time, please consider adding this feature. Thanks!

  • Hi @Ionut Staicu

    Yes, multiple field groups can’t be joined by tabs (yet).
    Perhaps in the future, I can add this in, but the WP metaboxes make this idea quite complicated


  • Agreed… global fields and field groups would be incredibly helpful.

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