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Reusable Modules in Flexible Content

  • The problem:

    I have a content box module where I can add one or several content boxes. But I want these nested in various layouts. Such as a fullwidth layout or a fullheight layout for example.

    But whenever I create a new layout type in Flexible Content I have to set up the Content Box module (field group) again although they share the same settings and characteristics.

    The question:

    Is it possible to create a module (field-group) that is reusable and edited separately so whenever I change any settings for the module I just have to change it i one place?

  • There is a plugin that was created by someone that is supposed to do this. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

  • I started looking into making a reusable field group field after my last comment. Testing and research turned into an entire weekend and at the end I had created my own version of a reusable field group field.

    It only works with ACF5. It works by rebuilding field groups that include a reusable field group field ans local field groups which override the original field groups. The reason it only works with ACF5 is that acf_local() is not available before 5.

    I have not completely tested it and would be interested in feedback or bug reports. I’ll also answer question. There’s not documentation yet, mostly because I think that the instructions when creating the field are pretty self explanatory.

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