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Reusable Flexible Layouts

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m new on the forum, but certainly not new with ACF – it’s the biggest reason why am I still holding on WP for client projects.

    Like many of you, I’m at the point where for every new project I’m trying to reuse as much functionality as possible from previous projects. I already mainstreamed most of the work besides the layouts of the flexible content.

    Ideally, the result I would go after would be a parent theme which would be similar to:

    - two-column
    - image-carousel
    - call-to-action-banner
    -- template.php
    -- fields.json
    -- style.css
    -- scripts.js
    - ...

    So, the layouts would be containing folders which self-contain everything necessary for a flexible layout to operate and be displayed. Ideally, it should also auto-include new dropped-in folders without fiddling with Flexible Content’s JSON. This would allow us to have a repository/library of layouts which we could just drop-in as needed. Even extend it with a child theme.

    Just for the context – I’m running a small development agency and I would need this not only for me but rather for the rest of the team too.

    Is there already an example of something similar? If not, how would you go about setting this up, and what to take care of while implementing?

    Thank you in advance!

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