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Return acf_form instead of echo

  • Hey ACF

    I must admit that I have not looked through all of the feature requests, so I don’t know if someone else have have suggested this, but…

    The issue I’m having is that I’m creating an ACF form on front-end using acf_form().
    It’s great, but the issue is that I’m creating the form in a custom made shortcode.
    The form is created, but when I include the shortcode on a page, the form is placed at the very top of the page content, and not at the given place in the page content where I inserted the shortcode.

    The issue likely occurs because acf_form() immediately creates the content when called, since it echos the form and the form’s content.

    Is it possible to make a feature where you can pass a parameter to acf_form(), and the form will be returned by the function, rather than just immediately creating it?

    return ob_get_clean();
  • thanks for reply 🙂
    I just found out about that solution, but thanks anyway ^_^

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