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Return A List of Field Labels With Type

  • Is it possible to output a list of all the field labels and their corresponding types (including fields that are nested within repeaters and flexible) used on a site?

    I am working on a site that has over 30 field groups and each of these groups has many different fields, layouts, and subfields. I need to change the behavior of some of these fields and would love to have a master list that I could search rather than manually opening and closing every field group looking for what I need.

  • You could use the export feature to export the field groups to PHP. This will give you a full list of all the fields and their settings.

  • John,

    This is a delayed reply but thank you for your answer. I was stuck with the mindset of only outputting this to an HTML page for view and totally missed using this great feature provided by ACF. Thank you again.

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