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Retrieve value from a specific options page

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to retrieve a value from one specific options page. For example, having a repeater field “images” on multiple options pages (Page A, Page B, Page C, etc.), how can I get the one on “Page A”.
    Currently, this works, but I feel (I have not tested it, though) it will get all values on all options pages:

    get_field("images", "option");

    What I would like is this:
    get_field("images", "page-a");

    Tried this as well, as it is stated in the manual the string has to contain “option” or “options”.
    get_field("images", "page-a-option");

    Is it possible?


  • Hi @matekk,

    Thanks for the post.

    I am afraid this is a current limitation in ACF.

    To get this functionality, you will need to ensure that all options field names are unique and thus the field name will become the “option_name” value.

    All the fields in the different options page will thus have unique identifiers. This will safeguard against the the wp_options table entry becoming too long. It has a limit of 64 chars.

  • Hi @matekk , contrary to what is said in, is it possibile with the ACF Api.

    We create for example a “Page A” in this way:

    $page_a = array(
                    'page_title' => 'Page A',
                    'menu_title' => 'Page A',
    		'post_id' => 'page_a'

    And a “Option” page in this similar way:

    $option = array(
    		'page_title' => 'Option',
                    'menu_title' => 'Option',
    		'post_id' => 'option'

    Now you create a new Field Group with an “images” field and make this field visible when “Page Options” = “Page A” and similarly you create a new Field Group with an “images” field (it can also be a clone of the previous “images” field but watch out that the clone field name is something like “clone-images”) and make this field visible when “Page Options” = “Option”.

    Now you can get the “images” field from “Page A” page with:

    the field("images", "page_a")

    and the “images” field from “Option” page with:

    the field("images", "option")

    because in Wp DB (‘wp_options’ page) the “images” field from “Page A” is saved as option_name ‘page_a_images” and the “images” field from “Option” page is saved as “option_images”.

  • Wish this would work for Options sub pages (acf_add_options_sub_page).. but, currently, the post_id param is only available to the acf_add_options_page function.
    This would make for a clean admin menu and an easy way to target specific option page fields within specific template files (especially when dealing with archive pages or plugin template pages -eg event calendars etc.)

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