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Retrieve all field options in admin

  • Hey,
    i’m looking for a way to retrieve all choices setup in the admin for a specific field and not relative to a post/page.

    Something like get_field_object(null, $field_name/$field_key).

    null would be to indicate that it is not a search for a specific post/page.

    get_field() seems to do the job with the Get a value from different objects section but without luck so far.

    get_fields() get_field_objects() and get_field_object() all default to current post ID if not specified.

    WP: 4.8
    ACFPro: 5.3

  • try ‘get_field_object($field_key)` but this will also default to the current post id. But the choices should be the same for all fields, shouldn’t they?

    you can also try acf_get_field($field_key) which is an internal ACF function that is used for getting a specific field.

  • Hey John,
    acf_get_field() sounds good but still not the right values. After investigation, here’s what i discovered:

    When used in my theme file header.php acf_get_field retrieves those choices:

    [choices] => Array
                [casa] => Casa
                [apartamento] => Apartamento
                [loft] => Loft
                [cobertura] => Cobertura
                [duplex] => Duplex
                [beiramar] => Beira-Mar

    and when using the Export Field Groups to PHP tool in the admin, here’s what i get:

    'choices' => array (
      'ap' => 'AP',
      'apartamento' => 'Apartamento',
      'loft' => 'Loft',
      'cobertura' => 'Cobertura',
      'duplex' => 'Duplex',
      'fazenda' => 'Fazenda',
      'beiramar' => 'Beira-Mar',
      'haras' => 'Haras',
      'andar' => 'Andar',
      'sala' => 'Sala',
      'terreno' => 'Terreno',

    All the choices.

    Crazy thing, [key] and [name] are identical.

    Any reason you could think of that would trigger this behavior?

  • the only thing that I can think of is that you have a filter created for this field that is altering the choices.

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