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REST API Options Endpoint

  • I can’t find anywhere that shows what the endpoint for the Options fields using the WP REST API.

    I’m working on transitioning to just use ACF PRO now that it supports the REST API similar to how ACF to REST API did. But the aforementioned plugin brought in endpoints for accessing the fields within the Options page and from what I can tell, ACF alone doesn’t create endpoints for the Options page.

    /wp-json/acf/v3/options/options is what ACF to REST API used for the Options page.

  • Would be good to get an answer for this. Seems odd that ACF would release an update to support the API like ACF to REST API did, while breaking the former plugin in the process when that’s what people have been using without replicating how it was being used so the transition would be seamless.

  • Having the same problem here, it doesn’t make any sense

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