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Required Image Repeater Field

  • Could you tell me how to get a required repeater field please ?

    I have a repeater field, set to required, minimum 1 field. the field I want to repeat is an image field. Even if I publish my post with no image selected, it publishes it. I really need the first image at least not to be empty and I can’t figure how to do this ! I would need also that if the user adds an image field to make it required.

    Could you help ?

    I have ACF 4.3.0 and ACF Repeater 1.0.1

    Thanks !

  • Hi @matoma16

    Edit your repeater field and find the image sub field. The image sub field will show an option for ‘required’. Set this to ‘Yes’ and your image fiedl will be required.


  • I don’t see it for the sub field ?

    ACF subField ScreenCap

  • Hi @matoma16

    Sub field required validation was added in v1.1.0 of the repeater field. Can you please update your repeater field add-on?


  • Thanks.
    I though it would tell me in the WP admin that I needed to update (I checked there before asking the question).
    I’ll know for the future that I need to check here for the last version everytime I use it…

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